Twelve-year-old Rajib poked his head outside the door, his eyes straining in the dusk. Were the evil men gone? Only two weeks earlier, government officials had come in the night, arresting Rajib’s father and dragging him off to prison. Just yesterday had come the dreaded news that his father, a local pastor, had been murdered.

“We must leave soon,” Rajib’s mother whispered. “Come, Son.”

“Yes, Mama.” Rajib straightened his shoulders. Papa had warned him this day might come. Joining with thousands who had already fled, they drove away from their home, hoping to make it across the border to freedom.

Rajib is now a strong witness for God in his new land. He has seen many receive salvation through his story. The Early Church was persecuted, much like the church of today. But, God used that persecution to accomplish His purposes.

Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went (Acts 8:4).

God used a time of great upheaval and pain to move His people into a world that needed to hear the gospel.

Challenge for Today: Ask God for the courage to be made uncomfortable for His glory.

Quicklook: Acts 8:4–8

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