Ellen saw the confidence and assurance of her coworker Sharon, even when Sharon faced the death of a close friend, and asked her how this was possible. “I’ve been a Christian since I was a teenager,” replied Sharon. “And in addition to spending time with God on my own, I benefit from worship and Bible study in the church I attend. They’ve really helped me stay grounded in what I believe.”

Ellen thought for a moment, then replied, “Can I come with you sometime?”

Jesus has built Christians together to be His Church so that together they may hold and share His truth. Each local church takes part by giving members opportunities to hear and study the Word together. God’s people learn about Him, and they are strengthened against false teaching that attempts to draw them away from the gospel. Do you faithfully attend your local church, and invite others to come with you?

Challenge for Today: Invite someone new to a service or special event at your church.

Quicklook: 1 Timothy 3:12–15

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