“Now, my son, the Lord be with you, and may you have success and build the house of the Lord your God, as he said you would” (1 Chronicles 22:11).

Because King David’s son was young and inexperienced when he took the throne, David gathered abundant supplies to build the Lord’s Temple, according to the plans God had revealed to him. That way Solomon could immediately get started on it when he began his reign.

The amount of materials David collected was astonishing: four thousand tons of gold and forty thousand tons of silver for the furnishings and decorations. Stonecutters hewed massive blocks of limestone for the Temple’s foundation and walls. Cedar logs, which resist rot, came from Lebanon. These materials seem symbolic of the structure’s intended holiness and purity.

All the people had a part in the construction. The citizens were taxed to help fund this magnificent building project. Skilled workmen came from all around to contribute their expertise. Everyone worked together to see this project completed.

Prayer Suggestion: Lord, help us to build Your kingdom with our prayers and physical contributions.

Quicklook: 1 Chronicles 22: 8–11

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