What should Christians do when they know God’s will, but don’t completely understand it? When His plans for you look very different from what you had in mind, how should you respond? Not knowing what God has planned can be unsettling, but He asks you to trust Him and obey.

And Noah did all that the Lord commanded him (Genesis 7:5).

Noah may have experienced some misgivings when God told him to build a big boat because a flood was coming. He had no concept of water falling from the sky, let alone that it would fall hard enough and long enough to cover the whole earth in water. Noah may not have been fully aware that the survival of mankind rested with his obedience to God, yet he did all God commanded him to do.

When God’s plans require you to step into the unknown, you can be confident that God is loving and His plans and purposes are always for your good and His glory. Based on this, you can trust and obey. Like Noah, your obedience may have effects that reach further than you can imagine.

Challenge for Today: Trust God’s heart and obey Him.

Quicklook: Genesis 7:1–5

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