In humans, the heart and brain cells contain 73 percent water. The lungs demand more at 83 percent. Even bones are made of 31 percent water. With an overall 60 percent make-up, humans need water. As the Israelites crossed the desert, their need for water was very real. In fact, it was a life and death situation.

Now there was no water for the community, and the people gathered in opposition to Moses and Aaron (Numbers 20:2).

But the Israelites forgot their Source, who provided for their needs. Previously, they watched God’s power make a dry path through the Red Sea. He healed the bitter waters at Marah. He provided their every need on this journey, showing His power and love. Yet now, they approached Moses “in opposition.” 

When believers forget God’s provision, they often panic over their needs. How much better it is when God’s people bring their needs to Him in humility, trusting His desire for their well-being.


Numbers 20:2–11


Jesus, You know where I lack. Be the Source of my need today.