When the pastor presents a need to the congregation or preaches a sermon on the importance of giving, some Christians are offended. Many Christians are willing to give a few dollars, but the idea of giving 10 percent of their income to a local church seems unreasonable. Today the average Christian gives just over 3 percent to all charities combined.

When the people of Israel sought to reestablish their relationship with God, they demonstrated their desire through their willingness to give a tithe of their possessions to God. Tithing became a priority for them because they desired to please God and recognized His place in their lives. The people declared:

“We will not neglect the house of our God” (Nehemiah 10:39).

God’s requirement that His people tithe was a means to see the true heart of the person. God does not need money, so giving is not for Him. Giving is for the believer. It demonstrates whether a person is generous. It also reveals the priorities of the person. Christians who prioritize God will never neglect His house.

Challenge for Today:

Consider what your giving says about you.


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