The Jewish people have come under attack many times in history. The most notable attack in recent history occurred in Nazi Germany. Hitler designed a plan to eliminate every person of Jewish heritage. Heroic efforts by the Allied Forces foiled Hitler’s plan. The tables were turned, and Hitler’s regime was annihilated.

Like Hitler, Haman organized his forces to destroy God’s people. He felt that they were a threat to him and to his people. He convinced the king to sign an order to kill all the Jews in one day. He might have succeeded had God not stepped in and turned the tables on Haman’s plans. Instead of the elimination of Mordecai and his people, Haman was eliminated.

So they impaled Haman on the pole he had set up for Mordecai. Then the king’s fury subsided (Esther 7:10).

Today it is popular to ridicule Christians who assert the truths of Scripture. Many Christians in the world suffer persecution for their faith. Some people would love to see Christians eliminated. But that will never happen. God will protect His Church.

Challenge for Today:

Boldly proclaim God’s truth. 


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