“But I can’t say whatever I please. I must speak only what God puts in my mouth” (Numbers 22:38).

Balak wanted Balaam to curse the people of God because he knew the power of words. After an extraordinary journey, which included a donkey speaking the language of humans, Balaam arrived knowing that God put limits on what he was allowed to say. God reversed Balak’s plan to curse the people and turned it into a blessing for the children of Israel.

Imagine what society would be like if everyone spoke only what God desired. Every conversation would be a blessing to the hearer. Words of encouragement, direction, and hope would be the norm. Correction would be given in a gentle manner. Secrets would be kept, and no one would discredit another. The Lord would be praised in word and deed as each person honored others.

Be the start of a word revolution by speaking the words God places in your mouth. Proclaim His goodness and love. Your gentle words in difficult situations display God’s heart. Others will emulate your example and cause a ripple effect of words that heal rather than hurt. 


Numbers 22:28–38

Challenge for today:

Inspect each word on your tongue before releasing it.